Tell me, how are you today?

When we acknowledge our feelings, we become more self-aware, more self-compassionate, and we turn vulnerability into courage. In reality, how often do we talk about how we’re truly feeling? 

When someone asks you ‘how are you today?’

option A: I just lost my job. I feel like a loser.
option B: I’m doing fine. How about you? 🙂

 … sometimes the space and timing just isn’t right.

More teens and young adults today are sharing their feelings online, in game chatrooms, online forums, and of course on various social media platforms. They’re shouting for help, they need more emotional support!

We listened and we created an alternative safe space for teens and young adults to talk 24/7, via an A.I. platform with zero human involvement in order to protect their privacy.  

Ollie, an A.I. chatbot with feelings, intends to build a personal relationship with users, to help them cope with any distress they may encounter, eg: work stress, procrastination, body image and feelings of hopelessness.

Here is an example of a random chat with Ollie.

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