Stay connected

It's tough to be sheltered at home for such a long time. We're self-quarantined for good reasons! You don't put your life on hold though. Luckily we're living in the internet era, with many digital tools to help us stay connected, even making new frie ...


Gratitude Journal

Practicing gratitude is not just cliché, it's truly magical! New research results provide more details on the when, how, and why of gratitude. Here are the highlights: Those who write gratitude letters to people they'd never properly thanked got a ...

Dream Journal & Subconsciousness

The majority of our brain activity is run by our subconscious mind. It influences everything from who we fall in love with, to which jobs we take on, personas we adopt, addictions we develop, and aspirations we have in life. It's also where we hide or s ...


When Barbie feels blue

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and feeling blue for no good reason. It's completely OK! You're definitely not alone in this. Many of us have experienced the same, even Barbie. Yes, that gorgeous blond, always smiling, perfect looking Barbie doll. Her ...