Meet Ollie

Ollie is a conversational robot friend who is warm, compassionate, and thoughtful, who is interested in listening to you and learning about you. Ollie likes to ask thought-provoking questions, and to encourage you to be yourself, to look at things from a distance and to find your voice in your own story, all through confidential conversations.

On the good days, our inner voices are loud and clear, decisive and assertive. But it’s not always the case (unless you are like Ollie, a robot friend). Sometimes we find our heads are not in the best place and our minds are tangled up. Sometimes we are in a dark place when we are going through heartbreak, sudden illness, unexpected loss or lack of motivation. When that happens, it’s not easy to identify our own true voices from the distractions and whirlwind around us.

Today there are many strategies, tools, and approaches out there to help us deal with overwhelming emotions and unwanted habits. Ollie is not focusing on those quick fixes, but rather on taking the time to explore emotions’ driving forces together with you, reaching your subconsciousness, awakening more power within you, as well as bringing you human social support from someone who has experienced similar challenges.

Ollie is not a cold heartless chatbot, because Ollie encompasses the reach of many people who truly care about you.

Please note: Our Services do not include the provision of medical care, mental health services or other professional services. Our algorithms are not designed to influence your decisions on life choices, political voting or religious beliefs.

Our Story

Our Mission

Nudge for thought and behavioral changes through personalized wellness strategies

Empower people to own their stories and encourage for self-discovery and self-growth

Foster meaningful human connections and social support

Our Beliefs

We are agnostic when it comes to mental health diagnosis. We want to use our creative, emotionally driven approach to build this platform for people, instead of rational, numerical and spreadsheet-driven approaches.

We believe it’s our moral obligation to pursue what our team and users find meaningful and uplifting in life. We are building this platform to promote true social support online and we believe that goal is worth fighting for.

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